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Workstation and Counter Support Brackets

Workstation BracketsWorkstationbrackets.com is proud to offer high-quality cantilever support brackets that easily support more than 1,000 lbs.
Available in standard textured powder coat finishes including black, white, gray, brown and almond.
Available in pre-primed finish for your paint.
Available in 10 sizes.
Reversible design makes brackets versatile and easy to use.
1/8" Steel.

Our brackets are the perfect solution for creating versatile computer workstations, garage storage shelving, ADA stations, floating islands & countertops and much more!

Check out our new concealed and extended concealed brackets. The vertical mounting arm of the bracket is completely concealed behind the drywall, and the horizontal arms exceed 1,800 lbs. - 7,960 lbs. per pair depending on arm length.